Body Treatments

body essentials of ojai steam thereapy

Ojai Seasonal Body Scrub

This unique body treatment won’t be found anywhere else in the valley. We’ve combined the healing and detoxifying benefits of steam therapy with the rich seasonal bounty of the Ojai Valley. After your body is gently exfoliated with an Ojai inspired sugar scrub you are cocooned in warmth within our detoxifying steam canopy. During the winter months you can relax your tired and achy muscles with the restorative properties of cedar wood, cypress, eucalyptus and juniper berry- a soothing blend that’s reminiscent of Ojai’s rainy winter season. Spring fills the valley with the scent of orange blossoms and during this time we use a blend of pink grapefruit, orange, lemon and tangerine which will lift your mood and leave you felling happy and content. The warm summer months bring fresh fields of lavender to the valley and our summer blend of French lavender, vanilla and ylang-ylang will leave a lasting impression of your time spent in our little Shangri-La. You’ll enjoy a deep calming of the central nervous system which relieves stress, calms the mind and leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. We finish the treatment with an application of deeply hydrating body lotion. This treatment is the perfect prelude to our Herbal Remedy Massage. To ensure your comfort and greatest results, please do not shave for 24 hours prior to treatment and arrive properly hydrated.
75 minutes – $180*
(includes 15 minutes of cool down and relaxation time)

Detoxifying Mud Body Wrap

A deeply relaxing body treatment integrating the ancient healing benefits of steam therapy, organic herbs and essential oils. Following a thorough dry brushing to exfoliate and increase circulation, an organic herbal mud mask is applied to the body to deeply detoxify and draw out impurities. While lying comfortably on a massage table you’ll enjoy an aromatherapy steam bath to increase the therapeutic benefits of the herbal mud and rid your body of accumulated toxins associated with many illnesses. You’ll enjoy the most blissful, relaxing and beneficial body treatment that you’ve ever experienced. To ensure your comfort and greatest results, please arrive properly hydrated.
75 minutes – $180*
(includes 15 minutes of cool down and relaxation time)

Hydrotherapy Foot Treatment

Let your mind and body relax as you enjoy a detoxifying foot soak in a delightful blend of dead sea mineral salts and essential oils.  Once relaxed, we’ll gently exfoliate your feet and calves before applying a nourishing mask to hydrate and soften rough heels and feet.  This treatment includes a luxurious neck, shoulder and foot massage which relieves stress and tension, improves circulation and promotes the unblocking of nerve impulses. A truly pampering experience!
50 minutes – $120

*Body Treatment contraindications include pregnancy, alcohol or drug consumption, high blood pressure, heart disease and any other cardiovascular problems.